1. What do I need to hire a car?

2. How old do I have to be to rent a car?

3. Do you rent daily, weekly and monthly?

4 Do you included with the driver?

5 Is your cars fully insured?

6 Do you have a pick up one way services?

7 Is there an English speaking?

8 Do you have an child safe seat and is that included?

9. Can I book a taxi and plus a Tours around trip in Cambodia

10. Can we haire your drivers without your fleets., What is the daily, weekly and monthly cost?

11. Can you help us to arrange a tourpackages for two days and three nighs and 4 nights, included hotel and transports?

12 Do you provide night private taxi from Phnom Penh to the provinces and back

13 Does your company do provide the drivers to renter.

14 The stolen or loses our customers value personal property or value information while in your car. Do you responsible for this issue.?