All you need is a credit card, PayPal or Wing payment, Government ID & Passport > Local or International driving license > Rental price of vehicle plus deposit
Any night chauffeur driver will always apply extra charge 20 percent on of net price.
We always take care of our guests and also we strongly advise guests to always look after their belonging and if there are any lose or stolen, your own risks.
We have leasing for longer term both with driver and for self driver.
We do actually have child safe seats, however there will extra surcharge for this item.
Normally we have also provide tours guide with many different languages.
Yes on daily basis we have different type of cars from four seats, 12 seats, 15 seats until 45 seats, to meet customer requests.
We have afew locations right now in Phnom Penh International Airport and Siem Rreap. In Phnom Penh we also allow guests to select and fill up name of hotels so that our blue team will bring the car for you, for others options would be requests our customers to email and may come to our AsiaWis Showroom Office.
Our online booking system is accepting debit and credit cards and no commission fees or extra charge, its secure and the fund go directly to our company bank account. Also local payment card
All cars have insurance, its third liability insurance and also for self drive its separate insurance and we charge extra.
We have many kind of Motobikes to rent in countryside and plus Bikecycles. We have also delivery the motobikes and bikecyles too. The charge services depend on the provinces too.
Our delivery services team can delivery secure documents, parcels and boxes or small develop. These types of services can be in Phnom Penh Capital or whole parcels to be delivery to any provinces.
The age from 25 to 70 year
The shorter you rent, its price would be a bit expensive so its would be rather monthly and yearly, this would be saving some time and less deposit.
We do actually rent for self drive for monthly rental and year rental services and we are require for deposit or block some money on customer credit card and also require to have a valid driving license.
when the customers requests to do so during in Cambodia, having a driver, you don’t have to worry any thing, you would peace in mind. As our main cities are very buys in term of finding the parking space.